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How a AED10 hand sanitizer destroys a AED1M ring, and makes your customer ditch you.

How a AED10 hand sanitizer destroys a AED1M ring, and makes your customer ditch you.

Customer Service is everything these days. One must walk an extra mile to earn the trust and love of their customers. If you fail to please your customer she will be someone else’s customer, not yours. Loyalty can damaged by a wrong move, bitter comment, or simply by an attempt to save on added value that is supposed to be served to your customer.

And this how it happens. Let’s say there is this beautiful store selling insanely expensive jewelry under a well-known brand name that supplies the most expensive diamonds in the world to the red carpets, royal families and the rich and powerful.

On average, a regular customer is ready to pay north to USD70,000 for a comfortable purchase in that store. And the store manager knows it very well. What is this customer offered during the shopping session? Here in Dubai, (and I don’t exaggerate) a bottle of indecently cost-effective water, a tissue and a standard hand sanitizer that does not only kill the germs but also the mood and the luxurious experience itself.

Why would a shop that sells most expensive diamonds and emeralds disregard such a thing as keeping the entire experience on a high level? What does it cost to a high-end boutique to buy a few bottles of a hygienic product that would be on a par with the rest of the products and services offered by the boutique?

Out of curiosity, walk along the Fashion Avenue of Dubai Mall, and stop at a few high-end jewelry boutiques. The hand sanitizers offered, or rather forced on each customer, leave a sad bitter feeling that the boutique is so stingy that they would rather save on customer service than spend a few extra dirhams on the product that would make the customer ecstatic and appreciative of the effort made by the boutique. We believe a customer must be treated as a queen, ‘cheap’ must be erased from the brand’s managers vocabulary.

Another aspect to consider, the majority of ‘industrial hand sanitizers’ do not only dry the skin but also damage one’s beautiful jewelry. With Daniel Kisel hand sanitizers this issue is not an issue. The quality of the ingredients we use guarantees your cherished diamond and gold jewelry pieces will remain intact.

All the luxury brands out there, reach out to us to work on a plan how to treat your customers right. Because some like it Gold!

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