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Daniel Kisel gold hand sanitizer

All stories have a beginning

Once upon a time people lived their lives, enjoying each other and traveling around. Every day we would go to work, kids would go to school, we would travel and spend time with our friends and loved ones in coffee shops and restaurants. Movies would have a premier every Thursday night, and parties would be thrown to celebrate anything and everything.

One day we wake up and every TV and social media tell us about this dangerous virus that penetrates the borders worldwide, affecting both kids and adults. And our lives change forever.

Because of that we must observe social distancing, wear masks and sanitize our hands to stay safe. Because of that portable, home and office hand sanitizers become our daily routine, boring and even irritating.

Until finally we come up with an idea to create the most tender and most luxurious hand sanitizer in the world that is actually pleasant to use, and easy to carry around. Daniel Kisel Hand Sanitizer. Why hygiene can’t be fancy? Why can’t our hand sanitizers be fabulous?

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Meet the two versions

Delicate yet strong

DANIEL KISEL is the most luxurious hand sanitizer in the world. Infused with the exquisite fragrances and 24K gold flakes Daniel Kisel is available in a portable version, and a beautiful bottle for home or office use.
softest touch protects so much

Gold, tender, safeguarding

One touch that keeps you protected, cared for, and so rich.

It makes you want to clean your hands again and again

This is the softest hand sanitizer among them all. Kills softly.

Meet the new sensation. It is rich!

Chris Gayle

I've never seen anything like this before. It is just WOW.

Sami Asimkhan

I could not imagine a hand sanitizer could be this tender and soft. My hands love it.

Dr. Mai Abdelsalam
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