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Why do we need hand sanitizers with gold?

Why do we need hand sanitizers with gold?

We live in the world where any idea, concept and fantasy can become reality. With enough persistence and dedication multiplied by the ability to ignore criticism and negativity displayed by people (even your loved ones, even your friends) one can make their dreams come true.

Our dream was to make a product that would protect from the Covid without destroying the skin. Searching everywhere we finally found a factory in Italy which facilities and experience made it possible to create our own patented formula, and brand it with our name - Daniel Kisel.

Daniel Kisel hand sanitizers can be everything but a cheap product. Its rich formula protects from the germs of any kind making your skin soft, supple and baby-like. The touch of real 24K gold flakes makes the experience different from any other. And the fragrance in its composition? Just a nice addition to complete the sensual journey.

Anyways, one may still ask - why do we need gold hand sanitizers?

Let’s list the reasons right here:

  • 24K gold increases the metabolism of skin cells therefore helping rejuvenate your skin;
  • 24K gold makes such a mundane ritual as sanitizing hands a beautiful and opulent one. Who wouldn’t like the gold dust on their skin?;
  • When you think of a present that is different and truly breathtaking, and is suitable literally for anyone, here comes Daniel Kisel hand sanitizer. It makes an amazing gift that leaves everyone pleasantly surprised;
  • Events like weddings or baby showers always require hand sanitizing solutions, and with the variety of the customization options we offer any wedding or party can have their own, exclusive, beautiful hand sanitizers that will match the glory and the status of the occasion;
  • Every time you go to a jewelry shop regardless of the weight of the brand what is always offered? An unlabeled bottle contacting some industrial hand sanitizer that has a questionable scent after one pump of which your hands get as dry as paper - is the only experience you are getting before switching to actual jewelry. Daniel Kisel enhances the experience, elevates the customer service and makes the shop which offers Daniel Kisel gold hand sanitizer stand out from the crowd. This completive advantage related to the customer service is reported to be crucial in 87% of times. Customers are more likely to make a purchase and become a repeat customer when they are treated in a special way, and made feel important;
  • 24K gold hand sanitizers are stunning decorative objects, and compliment any home. Placing a bottle of Daniel Kisel hand sanitizer in your living room or guest room brings a subtle accent to any interior and becomes a conversation piece;
  • Having a bottle of the gold hand sanitizer on your desk in your office is a whole new experience which evokes only positive emotions.
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