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Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I clean my hands with real gold.

Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I clean my hands with real gold.


Have you ever thought that the hand sanitizers would become an integral part of our lives? Wherever we go we see hand sanitizers offered and even imposed to be used to keep us safe.

We, just like everyone else, were forced into using hand sanitizers, and on certain days we would need to apply the aggressive chemicals on our hands 5-6 times per day. Can you imagine the impact? The alcohol contained in any proper hand sanitizer irritates the skin and becomes a major reason of dryness, flaky skin, and irritation.

We started thinking. What if we produce a very special formula that would care of our skin, even most sensitive, but would still be strong enough to kill the dangerous bacteria and viruses? It was just an idea of making a very gentle to the skin hand sanitizer as an alternative to any average sanitizer that could be found in the market. We were determined to flip the script.

To make sure this was possible we teamed up with a factory in Italy which created the most gentle formula for us. Once we tested it on our own hands we realized that being particularly soft and nourishing this hand sanitizer should be one or two steps ahead of everything else. And we decided to infuse it with a fragrance and … 24K Gold!

After 6 months of the experiments in the lab we finalized the scents we would be using, and mixed the ready gel with the gold flakes. The result was amazing. We managed to create the most luxurious hand sanitizers in the world that were actually ruthless to the germs but incredibly gentle to the skin. The packaging was just a cherry on the cake. The home edition of Daniel Kisel was decided to be packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, and the portable version - in a stylish gold bottle that would make a perfect addition to any fancy handbag.

All of us have seen those “What’s in my bag” videos, and hardly anyone would ever mention a hand sanitizer. The girls will speak of their classy make-up, stylish accessories and miss the part which will actually talk about the most commonly used product these days, - hand sanitizers.

With Daniel Kisel you can finally talk about your hand hygiene with pleasure and excitement! We believe even such a boring ritual as hand sanitizing can be fancy, classy and rich. Meet Daniel Kisel, the only gold hand sanitizer in the world. 

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